For the Olympic distance, athletes will swim laps in their own lanes or in a circular swim (depending on number or athletes). They will provide their own volunteer to lap count for them.

For the sprint and relay categories, athletes will swim serpentine style for 15 lengths of the pool. The lane next to the slides will only use one side of the lane. Swimmers may use any stroke and may rest if needed, at either wall. The pooltemperature should be approximately 80 degrees…wetsuits should not be worn. Fins, paddles,pull bouys, flotation devices, or music devices may not be worn during the swim. Snorkels maybe used. The race director has the final say on any non-standard items during the swim. Upon completion of the 15 lengths, athletes will climb out of the pool in the shallow end. As athletes proceed to T1, they may not run until exiting the pool building. Athletes thatare not used to sharing a lane should contact the race director with any questions.


One loop of the bike course is 12.1 miles. Athletes will leave the gym on Airman's Way until Rosamond Blvd, where they will turn right. Athletes will head on Rosamond Blvd through the 4 way stop with Lancaster and up the hill. On the backside of the hill, athletes will turn right on Forbes Ave into a 1 mile climb up towards the medical clinic followed by a gradual downhill with a nice bike lane. Athlete's will continue on Forbes through base housing and all the way around the base climbing up towards Lancaster Ave. Athlete's will coninue through the 4 way stop between Forbes and Lancaster into a steep decent. At the end of the hill there is a 4 way stop between Forbes and Rosamond, please be very careful at this intersection! Athletes will continue through the 4 way stop on Forbes until Wolfe Ave. After a right turn on Wolfe Ave, athletes will contiue straight until Fitzgerald Blvd. While on Wolfe, watch to your left as you travel along the flightline for parked jets. By staying in the right lane on Wolfe, athletes will be forced to take a right on Fitzgerald Blvd. Athletes will travel on Fitzgerald for a short while until a 4 way stop with Rosamond Blvd. Take a right on Rosamond Blvd and continue back to Airman's Way (on your left) back to the gym and transition area.

Athletes will complete the entire course. There will be no bike support (flat tires, etc.) so athletes should plan for contingencies. Course volunteers canhelp coordinate for a pick-up for athletes that can’t complete the bike course for any reason.There are no aid stations on the bike course. Athletes should carry their own nutrition andhydration. No music devices may be used/worn during the bike course. The bike course is open to base traffic and there are several 3 and 4 way stop signs. Volunteers and Security Forcesshould be at all turns and intersections. Athletes must obey posted traffic signs, unless avolunteer/Security Forces member has clearly stopped any traffic and is waving the athletethrough. SAFETY must out-prioritize SPEED! Athletes are responsible for knowing the bikecourse. Volunteers will be monitoring the course for athletes that do not complete all segments.As athletes return to T2, they must prepare to dismount prior to the dismount line. Helmets must be worn at all times while on the bicycle.


The run course is a flat and fast out and back that is mostly on a dedicated bike path. The turn around will be marked by an aid station.