June 8th Triathlon


June 2013 High Desert Tri Results
Results for our June 8, 2013 race at Edwards AFB
Jun 13 Results.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [53.3 KB]


Come see the unique experience of doing a triathlon base on Edwards AFB.

The swim will be a time-trial start, 375 meter serpentine swim in the Oasis Pool. After that, it's the familiar 13 mile bike loop around Edwards and a 5k run courses.

This is a very beginner friendly, fun race for everyone to experience or improve at triathlons.

You can click here to register.

Kid's Splash and Dash

We will be hosting our first Kid's event shortly following the Sprint Triathlon. Kid's will swim 25 meters (one end of the pool to the other) then exit the pool and run from the pool and complete one lap around the track. 

The event will be free. Parent/Guardians are required to be present.

More details will be posted soon.