Bike Training

Lake Bed Century/Half Century Ride

We will be hosting a scheduled group ride on XX. We will start at 0800 and meet at the Oasis Community Center parking lot. We will leave from the parking lot down Rosamond Blvd. We will take a left at Lancaster Blvd and countinue out the south gate (bring your ID cards). We will take a left on Mercury Blvd and continue around the lake bed to the 30 mile turn around point. 

This will be an aided ride (water only) with a 60 mile ride option and a 120 mile option. The water stations will be located at the turn around (mile 30 and 90) as well as the start/finish and 60 mile turn around .

Not quite ready for the 60 miles? No problem, come out and ride as much as you want and enjoy the conversation for the start of the ride.

Afraid you might have trouble keeping up? Don't worry there will be different paces available. If all else fails, there is no penalty box for drafting on this ride... pinch a tube and catch your breath.

Block Shop Rides

One of our sponsors, the Block Shop in Lancaster has multiple group rides every week. To find out more, visit their website here.


Out for a ride on your own but still want some competition? Check out Strava. If you can compete with Brian O'Neill, you are ready to compete at any traithlon. If you want some more competition on a particular segment, post a challenge on the Facebook page.

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