Swim Training

Early Morning Swim

High Desert Tri Club is currently hosting a morning swim session at the Oasis pool on Tuesday and Thursday morning from 0500 to 0700. A monthly pass is available for $20 or a drop in session is $3.

Open Water Swim

Have trouble with sighting? Want to practice in your wetsuit? Or just want to swim without having to stare at that blue line?

Join us for an open water swim practice. We will meet at the Oasis Community Center parking lot at 0800. We will drive to XX. We will have  group swim where we can practice drafting, sighting, and maybe even a little race beginning washing machine.

Lancaster Master's Swim

There is a great Master's Swim program in Lancaster. Coach Tom Otto has great reviews. Try it out for a couple weeks at no charge. If you like it, it's just $3/session after that (payable to Coach Otto). There are multiple lanes for all experience levels. Workouts are Monday (1800-1900) Wednesday (1800-2000) and Friday (1800-2000). It takes place at the Eastside pool (4045 N 5th Street East, Lancaster, CA). For questions contact Coach Tom Otto at ottolfixit@hotmail.com

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